ADVAIA Technical Support Issues, Monthly Hosting/Service Fees!

5/13/2010 11:22:13 AM

Technical support is only provided through our Technical Support Ticket system to insure the most rapid response to your technical support issues. ADVAIA now requires that all technical support issues be submitting using this system. All technical support tickets are delivered to all ADVAIA staff through email and Blackberry. This will insure a more rapid response to your technical support needs. Phone technical support may delay getting a response immediately. This is why we have installed this Ticket system as we feel that it is the best, and most expeditious method for a rapid response to your technical support issues. Regular email requests for support will no longer be accepted! If an email request is received we will reply requesting that you submit a Technical Support ticket!

To access our Ticket Support System please CLICK HERE:

Login using your User Name and Password above. If you forget your User Name and Password you can have this sent to you by clicking on:
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You will need to use the email address associated with your account.

QUESTION: When should you use the Technical Support ticket system?
ANSWER: When you experience the following web site related issues:

  • Web site functionality or web site is not displaying
  • Difficulty with admin functions through your site admin panel
  • Error pages that are appearing when accessing sections for your site. Please include the URL when submitting a ticket for this topic!

QUESTION: When not to use the Technical Support Ticket System?

ANSWER: These are common questions where help is available online:

  • Support with 3rd party software or hardware that you may be using at your business. ADVAIA does not support external 3rd party software unless it has been installed by ADVAIA.
  • Support for Internet Service Providers (ISP). Contact your local Internet Service Provider directly. The ISP is unrelated to our domain and email servers. They are providing Internet access to you, therefore they need to be contacted directly.

ADVAIA posts announcements on our web site that cover a variety of support issues. Please visit this section and see if your issue may have a Knowledge Base item that may assist you before submitting a support ticket. CLICK HERE

Our Technical Support team will answer all tickets as rapidly as possible as they are sent to all members of the ADVAIA team simultaneously. This includes after hours support. Please note that after hours support requires our access to a computer. We will respond as quickly as we are able to during after hours tickets that are issued.

Monthly Hosting/Service Fees:

Published monthly service fees are posted on ADVAIA's web site. In some cases these fees may be higher due to a client's specific level of services as may be determined by ADVAIA at the time that their web site project is quoted. *

Monthly Hosting/Service Fees include the following: **

  • Hosting of the client web site on ADVAIA shared servers and redundant servers
  • Daily Signature Data Feed updates passed to Client web sites through ADVAIA's cobrand
  • Updates to ADVAIA cobrand as needed or when changes or additions by Signature may occur
    This includes any improvements that ADVAIA deems are necessary or warranted
  • Data Share costs to ADVAIA for hosting the Signature data base on dedicated, redundant servers and feeding that to client’s web sites via the ADVAIA cobrand


  • Client requested changes/updates/additions to their web sites
  • Additions of new Signature products or services that are not provided in the data feed and that must be custom added and coded to the client web site as these are considered "CUSTOM" to the clients web site
    This would also include any Signature "REQUIRED" addition to a client web site that would have to be hard coded and as announced as such by Signature
  • Signature changes to their products, services or graphics that are hard coded to a client web site that are not part of the data feed
  • Client training services unless otherwise specified to client as may be determined by ADVAIA at the time that their web site project is quoted

ADVAIA Rates & Monthly Hosting/Service Fees

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Acceptable Forms of Payment

ADVAIA accepts ACH (Automated Clearing House) for electronic payments directly from your bank account or accepted credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Schedule your payment to be automatically deducted from your bank account, or charged to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. Just complete and sign this form to get started. Use our convenient Word Document fillable form and then email to: [email protected]. You can also FAX to (954) 495-8150.

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We Guarantee Professional & Experienced Web Design Servcies

ADVAIA, Inc. has been in the web design business since 2001 and maintains over 700 websites for Signature Travel Network members and their independent agents. Your website is designed and engineered by our Professional & Experienced Web Team. Our intent is to deliver to you the aesthetically pleasing website you deserve and at a cost you can afford and a speed you need. When you choose ADVAIA, Inc. as your web design company you get a partner for your online success.

Your Feedback & Approval

To ensure your complete satisfaction we provide you with a temporary URL so that you can have access to each and every page at every stage of the site development. We welcome your creative feedback and input regarding the changes that you desire from the comfort of your home or office. We will work with you step-by-step through the development process to ensure the site is meeting your expressed needs and exceeding your expectations. Once we have mutually agreed that the site is finished and ready to publish – then, and only then, are you obligated to pay us the balance for our web design services. Once we have received payment we will publish your website to your domain.

Payment Milestones: Gold & Platinum Platforms

  • 50% due at time of insertion order
  • Customer sign-off approving design concept for web site
  • 25% at time of approval of working template
  • 25% balance due upon project completion, client final approval and prior to launch

Project timeline for completion may be dependent on client providing content, images and materials as requested by ADVAIA. Delays in providing the previous may incur delays in the completion of the project.

Refund Policy

Our goal is to provide high quality, professional service to all of our clients. If you cancel your Gold or Platinum project prior to the design approval milestone we will return all but $650.00 of your initial 50% deposit. After the design has been approved and the working template has been engineered and approved ADVAIA, Inc. will require the payment of the 25% deposit to be paid. If the project is cancelled anytime after the working template is approved, ADVAIA, Inc. will provide a detailed statement of work completed that is subject to the final 25% deposit. At that time that balance is due to ADVAIA, Inc.

As stated above, ADVAIA, Inc. does not offer a refund of any of the 75% paid if project is cancelled after the working template is approved.

Refunds from approved Work Orders

All work orders completed are subject to full payment at the time that the work is completed and will be charged to the credit card or ACH on file. There are no refunds on any completed work orders.

Cancellation of Web Site and Web Services

All cancellation of services must be received by email to Steve Trebon prior to the 30th of the month unless the month ends on the 28th or 29th (February) in order to avoid billing for the following month. Cancellation requests/notices can also be sent in writing to
attention Steve Trebon
5422 W. Milada Drive
Laveen, AZ 85339

Please include the following:

  1. Effective date for cancellation
  2. Reason for cancellation
  3. If an Independent Agent, please confirm that your host agency has been notified
  4. If you are leaving Signature Travel Network

You will receive a confirmation email from ADVAIA that your web site has been cancelled. We will hold a back-up of your web site for 90-days in the event that you wish to reinstate. If that is requested we will work with you to reinstate your web site. After 90-days the back-up will no longer be available.

Refund of Hosting/Service Fees

If you cancel your web site with ADVAIA, Inc. anytime during the month there will be no refund of any unused portion (per-diem) of that months paid fees.