Purchasing a DOMAIN NAME

1/27/2015 9:31:48 AM

All ADVAIA web sites require a valid DOMAIN NAME or "URL". We recommend purchasing your domain name, (if you do not have one yet) from "GoDaddy" which provides a very low cost for securing a domain name for your web site.

To begin, go to the GoDaddy web site.

Enter the Domain Name that represents your business. For example: If your business name is "Fantastic Adventures" you would type in fantasticadventures (all one word). Hit the SEARCH button. GoDaddy will then tell you if that domain name is available and what type of extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.) is available. They will also provide other versions of the domain name in the event that the one you wanted is not available.

Once you have found the domain name that you want you will see the price and an offer to register for 2 years for a reduced price. I would recommend taking advantage of that offer!

  1. Click the "SELECT" button (green). A green check mark will appear and show SLECTED.
    Unfortunately at this point GoDaddy will try and sell you other products and servers. You will not need any of these!
  2. Therefore keep on clicking on the CONTINUE TO CART button (orange).
  3. At the next screen you have additional products and services. If you want email service associated with your new domain name change from "No Thanks" to "Email Essentials" for $3.99 per month.
  4. Click on Continue to Cart (orange).
  5. Review your Order. Again, more offers that you can skip.
  6. Click on the Proceed to Checkout (orange)
  7. You will then select "NEW CUSTOMER" (unless you already have a GoDaddy account at which point you will log into "Returning Customers")
  8. Complete all the required information and continue when prompted until you have completed, and paid for, your new web site
  9. Keep a copy of the receipt for your files

At this point you are creating your account and then paying for your domain. Make sure that you keep track of the following as you will need to provide some of this information when providing information for your new site to ADVAIA.

  1. User Name - provide to ADVAIA
  2. Password - provide to ADVAIA
  3. Call in Pin

It's just that easy!