Managing your NEW Platinum CMS Video Trainings

10/7/2015 8:15:17 AM

ADVAIA has published the following videos on YouTube to help you manage your Content Management System (CMS). View again and again as you learn and become familiar with managing the content on your new Platinum web site. Note that some of the CMS design or look may be different depending on when your Platinum CMS and web site were created. Although the appearance may be different, the functions work the same.

For questions, please contact Steve Trebon at [email protected] or (954) 317-2628 ext. 301

Accessing your CMS and Basic Functions

An introduction to your CMS and understanding the main menu, functions, which are add-on functions, and which come with your Platinum CMS automatically. Learn how to add vendors, destinations, uploading documents and managing your Banner/Sliders n your home page.

ADVAIA's Platinum CMS Managing your EXCLUSIVE OFFERS

This in-depth training will teach you how to add Exclusive Offers to your home page and to link to your Banner/Sliders. Learn how easy it is to add the following types of specials:

  • HTML Offers without knowing HTML using our Wiziwig
  • Uploading PDF documents for PDF Offers
  • Creating a Signature Offer using a Signature Offer ID or Multi Offer ID.

DID YOU KNOW? Your best source for adding Exclusive Offers is through Signature Promotions found on SigNet! Each supplier offer shows complete details on the offer, provides you with both "Tag Lines", an expiration date AND collateral materials like PDF's, list of offers with Offer ID's, pricing, destinations, ships, etc. AND even HTML pages that you can easily convert to include links to offers on your site!

All of these are covered in the above video!

Adding Office Locations and adding your Staff Bio's, images, email address and office location.

This in-depth training will teach you how to add your agency location (address and contact information) and then adding your staff bios, image, email address to that office to appear on your Platinum Responsive web site.

You will learn:

  • Adding one or more office locations including phone numbers, office hours, etc.
  • Adding Staff Types to associate with your staff bios
  • Adding staff that are associated with an office location (if multiple office locations
  • Adding staff image, bio, teaser, email address associated with an office location

Adding Non-Signature Group offers and specials to your Platinum web site.

This in-depth training will teach you how to add Exclusive Group offers, whether they are cruise or vacations, to your Platinum web site that have a PDF attachment that viewers can view and print.

You will learn:

  • Adding PDF files to the server to use with your group offer
  • Creating a group offer for respective dates with thumbnail , title, escorted by, dates leaving and return, a short teaser and a more detailed description of the group offer
  • These will appear on a list page that launches to the complete offer with a larger version of the image you upload
  • This then links to the PDF that you uploaded to the server so your viewers can view and print the group offer

You will also see different ways that ADVAIA can display these offers on your Platinum responsive web site