Punch List for NEW Gold Responsive Clients

5/3/2016 10:54:51 AM

While your new Gold Platinum site is in the template development phase, now is the time to start gathering your content that will need to be supplied to ADVAIA for final development

Please refer to the design link supplied to you by ADVAIA as you will need to review your specific home page design and then provide the elements from the list below which is your punch list for final development. NOTE that many ADVAIA clients have very similar components on their home page. All components that ADVAIA adds to our clients sites are listed below.

  1. Provide the complete URL for all of your Social Media links
  2. Provide phone numbers that you wish to have at the top of the web site in the call to action area. If your site has an agent image, you will need to provide that image as all images need to be licensed to each client web site, see below for image requirements
  3. Mouse-Over copy is needed for each of the main departments that follow the banner/sliders. Examples are; Cruises, Vacations, Hotels & Resorts, World Destinations, etc. Suggested mouse-over copy can be found at the following link: Suggested Mouse-Over Copy Provide ADVAIA with the copy for each of the departments listed on your home page along with the title of the main department by copy and pasting from the link above.
  4. Licensed Images are required for each client site. We suggested using CanStockPhoto for affordable and high resolution images. Once you choose the images provide the image numbers in your email to ADVAIA along with the department associated with that image. Image size is 750 pixels wide. Also include an image for ENTER TO WIN which is found within content pages of the web site.
  5. Provide ADVAIA with the complete URL for any third party co-brands or white label web sites. These would include Insurance, Shore Excursions or Supplier sites. For a list of suppliers that offer c-brand and white label sites, please refer to this list: Cruise & Vacation Suppliers With Booking Engines.
  6. You have two options for Shore Excursions to be listed on your new web site; ShoreTrips and Shore Excursion Group. Please refer to their listing on SigNet. If you are electing to go with Shore Excursions Group please advise and ADVAIA will submit the request for them to white label the links with your company logo for shore excursions and Tour Sales. If you elect to go with ShoreTrips, you will need to go to the following link to set up your account with them. ShoreTrips sign up page. Once you complete this, please send us the link. Because you have the two options you will also need to update your SigNet account. The following link will take you to those instructions. Update Shore Excursion Provider. If there are any questions regarding shore excursions, please contact Signature directly.
  7. Signature is now offering flat rate pricing for Pocket Travel Consultant by Axus. In order for this to be available on your web site we will need you to contact Signature and subscribe and pay the applicable fee. Once you have completed this, please request that Signature send ADVAIA a notification by email that you have subscribed to this service.
  8. There are three options available for Signature's Travel Magazines. (1)The Ultimate Experiences Online, (2)The Travel Magazine Online or a link to a (3)Duel Landing Page that has both covers for your visitors to choose which one, or both, that they wish to view.

    You now have the option of featuring at least one of these assets on your website (1, 2 or 3).

    For most members, our recommendation would be to feature the new Dual Landing Page (3).

    If you generally participate in mailing either just The Travel Magazine or just Ultimate Experiences, our recommendation would be for you to just feature the corresponding publication on your website (Option #1 or Option #2).

    Please indicate to ADVAIA which of the 3 options you wish us to have on the new site.
  9. Provide ADVAIA with a list of office locations, phone numbers and hours of operation that will appear in the footer of your site
  10. Provide ADVAIA with a list of endorsements that you wish to have in the footer of your site. These can include Signature Member logo, CLIA, IATA, etc.
  11. If your site footer has a list of preferred suppliers (land, cruise, hotels & resorts); your will need to provide that list. We will link to preferred supplier Signature micro sites. If you have a white label or co-brand with a supplier listed, please provide their complete URL.
  12. Provide your Seller of Travel #.
  13. If your home page has a Welcome section, please provide ADVAIA with your Welcome copy.
  14. Provide your About Us copy and an image associated with that copy.
  15. Provide the email address (or addresses) that you want the Contact Us and Get a Quote forms to go to.
  16. Provide ADVAIA with the specific page titles that will appear in the meta-tags for SEO.
  17. Provide ADVAIA with the specific page description for pages on your new site. Generally these are: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Request a Quote, Privacy, Copyright, Terms & Conditions, Resources, Exclusive Offers. If you have ADVAIA building custom pages we will need both the title and description for those pages as well. If you are not sure, please contact your ADVAIA project manager.
  18. Provide ADVAIA with the registrar for your domain. An example is GoDaddy. We will also need the User Name and Password to access the DNS for your domain. We will also access the DNS to launch the web site once you approve the completed site and authorize us to launch the site. If you prefer to make your own DNS entries, please let us know and we will provide detailed instructions.
  19. In order for the SIGNATURE API to resolve to your domain name we will need to create an "A" record called travel.yourdomain.com and point it to If you prefer to create the record yourself, please advise ADVAIA when this is completed.
  20. We encourage you to set-up Google Analytics for the site to track your sites visits, who is visiting the site, what pages they are viewing and more. From a Google search, type in "GOOGLE ANALYTICS". Follow the prompts to create a new account. Then send ADVAIA your tracking ID or the complete script.
  21. Social Media links are very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ADVAIA has created a strategic partnership with CMS Consulting; Catherine Heeg, the "guru" of Social Media. Catherine has created very affordable Social Media plans just for ADVAIA clients. Her contact information is below:
    Customized Management Solutions
    Phone: 403-726-0171
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.cmsspeaking.com/advaia-portal/
  22. ADVAIA has also created a strategic partnership with Fusion SEO to assist our clients with affordable Search Engine Positioning strategies. Fusion has optional pricing plans for ADVAIA clients. Here is their contact information:
    Evan Featherstone - CEO/Founder
    Fusion SEO
    Office:301-422- 4069
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.fusionseo.com

If you have any questions, or need any assistance with your punch list, please contact your ADVAIA project manager by email or phone!