Signature Digital Media Banners

7/3/2018 5:24:25 PM

Banners that you can add through your Content Management System.

Signature is offering banner ads for select suppliers and promotions that you can use and link to a specific landing page associated with the supplier promotion. These can easily be accessed on SigNet by going to Marketing >> Digital Media Banners.

Click on the title here to access Signature’s Digital Media Banner instructions:

You will be selecting the “Website” banner option. There are two sizes available. Pick the one the is at least or slightly larger than your CMS indicates. Do not select a banner that is smaller than your CMS dimensions or it will show up distorted on your site.

When you choose your banner, you will want to save it to your computer then load it into your banner library. Also open the “Landing Page” link for the promotion as this will become the link for your banner in the CMS.

Your Banner CMS allows for banners to be added that are already pre-populated with the text and call to action. Therefore, you will leave all these fields blank. Once you have uploaded the banner into your CMS library you can then determine the location (spots 1-5) where the banner will display and link. Once you are completed please check the banner and link on your live web site.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Go to SigNet, Marketing >> Digital Media Toolkit. Select your banner, open the banner link and save the banner to your local device.
  2. Open the Landing page link and leave that window open.
  3. Open your CMS, upload the banner to your library through "MANAGE BANNER IMAGES" for Platinum clients and "HOME PAGE BANNER/OFFER" if you are an Independent Agent with CMS functions. Platinum clients would then go to "Home Page Animated Banners" control. Choose which position the banner will go (Banner 1-5). Select the banner from the library with the radial button. Make sure all fields are blank. Copy the "Landing Page" link from the open Signature page and paste this in the Link/URL line. Have the banner open in a New Window and then click UPDATE BANNER or SAVE CHANGES button depending on the CMS that you have.

Make sure that you test the banner(s) on your live web site.

You can also promote the same promotion on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Just follow the instructions provided by Signature.

For questions related to the Signature Digital Media Banners, please contact [email protected]

For questions related to your banner functions in your Platinum CMS, please contact ADVAIA or view the training video.

Short Cut Cheats

CONTROL A = Highlight All