Create your own Cruise and Land Vacations Offers on Signature to display on your web site

1/9/2019 6:08:46 PM

The attached documents will provide step-by-step instructions in how to create your own cruise and land vacation offers to display in the Signature database content on your website, and for your own agents' view of the Signature Intranet. Offers must be created by someone with an owner login, and will display and sort just as other Signature offers.

Please note that if Signature has an offer for the same sailing or tour departure, it will be suppressed on your website so that your customers only see your own offer. However, your agents viewing the offers listed on the Intranet will be able to see all offers for the sailing or tour departure.

In addition to creating a new offer from the start, you may also use the "Duplicate" or "Recur" options, which permit you to find a similar offer and simply duplicate it with suitable modifications to customize it to your own parameters. Please refer to the documents for details.


Building Custom Cruise Offers for Your Website - Sept 2017 (Adobe)

Building Custom Tour Offers for Your Website (Adobe)

Building Custom Hot Offers (Adobe)